Rogaland Theatre 2017

Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is one of his most violent plays. The warlord Macbeth and his ambitious wife kill 8 innocent people in their struggle to be king and queen of Scotland. Violence is an interesting theme because it seems to be present in all times in all cultures. Today the images of the savage violence of the so-called Islamic State penetrate young people’s computers all over the world creating fear and insecurity. We decided to make “Macbeth” with and for young people in order to deal with these disturbing images. Our “Macbeth” was a “therapeutic” exercise using humor as treatment.

I wrote a modern adaption of the text keeping the original story but sometimes creating new contemporary references. The three cool witches tell us the story with ironic distance while manipulating Macbeth and his wife. Sometimes they also comment their actions in a moral perspective.

The psychology of the characters doesn’t really interest me. I am interested in the psychology of the violence and especially in destroying the violence’s disturbing images.