medea Remake

“MEDEA REMAKE” by Rolf Alme, Stadttheater Hildesheim, Germany 2002

A multimedia performance based on “Medea” by Evripides. There are two Medea characters on stage. We are in a time and a space after the tragedy, after the murders. One Medea is repentant, filled with remorse, overwhelmed by emotions, trembling from guilt, playing with her puppets representing her little brother, her two sons, the princess and the king that she killed. The other Medea never leaves her old leather bag, she plays the piano, dances, and puts the repenting Medea’s puppets into her blender and drinks the red juice… On the back wall there is a constant video projection commenting on the action on stage, telling us the story about the murders, showing us Medea playing with her children in a garden, cutting up a birthday cake with a big knife… Showing us the sunlit sea turning red with the blood from Medea’s little brother that she has killed and cut into peaces before throwing them into the sea… Showing us Medea wandering along the seaside with her bag, looking at the seashore, searching… – searching for the bones, searching for the white skeleton remains of her little brother and putting them into her bag. On stage the repenting Medea takes up the skeleton from the bag and kisses and caresses the fragile remains of her brother. It starts snowing.