Romeo og Julie


This adaption of Shakespeare’s tragedy is made for and with youth. The text is reduced and given an epic form. The young actors tell the story from their own perspective. The grown-up characters in the play are not on stage.

On an aesthetic level the performance is like a film-set. A camera-team makes live video of the actors in close-up and the back wall shows a huge video projection of the stage with the actors from a different viewpoint than the auditorium. In this way we create multiple images simultaneously. We show the staging and the creation of images. In this way we relate to contemporary youth culture.

On a political level the performance refuses to be a tragedy. We show two different pre-recorded videos of the tragic end-scene, one contemporary and one from the renaissance. But when it comes to the end of our performance we show in our anarchistic way that it is possible to avoid tragedy if we don’t submit ourselves to the destructive norms and rules of a violent society.