“Promethevs” is inspired by Aeschylus’ tragedy: “Prometheus Bound” that tells the myth of Prometheus that stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to the human beings.

“Promethevs”, who was half God half human, gave us the fire enabling us to develop our complex society. Without the fire we would probably still be wandering the forests in search of eatable roots, fruits, and berries. And the world would still have been in ecological balance.

So, the myth about Prometheus actually tells us about the original sin, or at least the very origin of the ecological disaster we have put ourselves and our planet in. It is therefore suitable as narrative to make a performance about the forthcoming climate crisis.

In the text I mix archaic Greek references to Gods and myths and contemporary scientific references. The Sea God Poseidon is on drugs and literary high when the sea level rises 50 cm in 2050. Gaya, the Goddess of the earth is in the intensive care unit. Uranus, the God of the heaven, has migraine due to pollution. The sun God Helios can’t help shooting out 4,26 tons of hydrogen transformed to radiation energy per second.

The performance is a dystrophy. Like the original tragedy by Aeschylus, it is a trial, but in my performance, Prometheus isn’t condemned. The young generation that organizes the trial concludes that the responsible for the forthcoming catastrophe isn’t Prometheus but their parents’ generation. The generation that knew they were destroying the planet but didn’t do anything to prevent it.