1977-82  Oslo School of Architecture
1982-83 Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden
– State scholarship from the German Democratic Republic

1984  Oslo School of Architecture Diploma
1985-86  Academy of Fine Arts, la Cambre, Brussels – Belgian state scholarship

2006-  Freelance director and scenographer
2009-11  Academy for Circus and Performance Art, The Netherlands.

Visiting professor, performance art workshops
2000  Professor of Scenography
1998-06  The Norwegian Theatre Academy – Artistic Director, Dean
1996  Artistic Director of the International Festival of Theatre Schools
– Copenhagen, European Cultural Capital 96
1995-98  The Danish State Theatre School, Copenhagen – Head of the Department of Scenography
1986-95  Freelance scenographer

2023 Clôitre Saint-Louis – Avignon – France
2023 Cathédrale de la Cité Médiévale, Vaison la Romaine – France
2017 Ducal Palace – Szczecin – Poland

2003 Centre for Advanced Visual Interaction Århus – Denmark
2002 The City of Schwerin Annual Arts Exhibition – Germany
2001 Stavanger Art Museum – Norway
2000 The City of Schwerin Annual Arts Exhibition – Germany
1994 The Museum of Arts and Crafts – Oslo
1994 Fattoria La Loggia – FirenzeItaly


2024 CALIGULA 2.0 by Rolf Alme -Teatr Druga Strefa, Poland/SALT, Oslo, Norway
2024 DRACULA by Bram Stoker and Rolf Alme, Rogaland  Theater, Norway
2023 THE CARD INDEX by Tadeusz Różewicz – Teatr Jaracza, Lodz, Poland
2022 PROMETHEVS by Rolf Alme – Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway
2022  ROMEO AND JULIET AND OTHER CATASTROPHIC LOVE AFFAIRS by Rolf Alme / Shakespeare Gdansk International Shakespeare Festival, Poland

— Winner of the World Competition of The European Shakespeare Festival Network
2021  APHRODITE by Rolf Alme – Nordic Black Theater/Nordland Theater, Norway  

2021  ANDROMEDA by Rolf Alme – Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway  
2020  ROMEO AND IMPOSSIBLE LOVE by Rolf Alme/Shakespeare – Nordland Theater, Norway
2019  ROMEO OG JULIE by Rolf Alme/Shakespeare – Nordland Theater, Norway
2019  ANTIGONE by Rolf Alme/SophoclesVega Scene, Oslo, Norway
2018  ODIPUS REX Oslo School of Arts Communication and Technology, Norway
2018  ACID SNOW by Henrik Ibsen/Rolf Alme – Teatr Polski, Wroclaw, Poland
2018  TARTUFFE by Molière/Rolf Alme – Rogaland Teater, Norway
2018  MEDEA by Euripides/Rolf Alme – Nordland Theater, Norway
2017  MACBETH by Shakespeare – Rogaland Theatre, Norway
2016  WANT ME by Rolf Alme – Oslo ACT, Norway
2016  Medea by Rolf Alme –  Oslo ACT, Norway
2016  Jonas by Jens Bjørneboe – Nordland Theatre, Norway
2015  Electra by Rolf Alme –  Oslo ACT, Norway
2015  Caligula by Camus –  Oslo ACT, Norway
2015  The Interrupted Act by Tadeusz Rozewicz – Teatr Norwida, Poland
2014  The Black Rider original text by William Borroughs – Rogaland Theatre, Norway – Music by Tom Waits – Norwegian adaption by Rolf Alme
2013  A Clockwork Orange-fucking men by Rolf Alme – Nordland Theatre, Norway
2012  Lord of the Flies by William Golding – Rogaland Theatre, Norway
nominated for the Norwegian Hedda price:“Youth Performance of the Year”
2011  Physical Statements – Academy for Circus and Performance Art, The Netherlands
2010  Home for Christmas by Kristian Erhardsen~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
nominated Danish Reumert-price: Performance of the YearDirector of the Year
2010  Nora’s Sons (The Sons of Postfeminism) by Rolf Alme
Teatr Polski, Wroclaw, Poland

2010  Nora’s Sons by Rolf AlmeÅrhus Theatre, Denmark
2009  A Clockwork Orange by Anthony BurgessAalborg Theatre, Denmark
2008  Electra by SophoclesAalborg Theatre, Denmark
2008  IRRITATIeON by Rolf AlmeESAC, Brussels
2006  Nietzsche Antichrist by Rolf AlmeThe Norwegian Theatre Academy
2002  Medea Reemake multi-media performance by Rolf Alme
Hildesheim City Theatre, Germany

1999  Laboratory/Medea/Mother of Wars
interactive multimedia performance by Rolf Alme The Norwegian Theatre Academy

1985  Inferno by Dante, visual theatre Nordic Workshop for Architecture and Art, Oslo

2012  The Nightingale by H. C. Andersen

2012  Lord of the Flies by William Golding~~Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway
2011  Don Ranudo by Holberg~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2011  PHYSICAL STATEMENTS~~Academy for Circus and Performance Art, The Netherlands
2010  Home for Christmas by Kristian Erhardsen~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2010  Nora’s Sons (The Sons of Postfeminism) by Rolf Alme~~Teatr Polski, Wroclaw, Poland
2010  A Doll’s House by Ibsen~~Århus Theatre, Denmark
2010  Nora’s Sons by Rolf Alme~~Århus Theatre, Denmark
2009  A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2009  The Glasmenagerie by Tennessee Williams~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2008  Electra by Sophocles~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2008  IRRITATIeON by Rolf Alme~~ESAC, Brussels
2008  Macbeth by Shakespeare~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2008  I will not die by Torunn Kjølner~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2007  Natmandens Datter by Holberg~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
2006  Nietzsche Antichrist by Rolf Alme~~Norwegian Theatre Academy
2005  Social Group 3 by Norén~~Århus Theatre, Denmark
2005  Sera opera by Helstenius~~National Opera, Warsaw, Poland
2004  Pierre Lunaire opera by Arnold Schönberg~~Cool Opera, Stavanger, Norway
2002  King Kong’s Daughters by Theresia Walser~~Århus Theatre, Denmark
2002  No Title Performance opera by Maja Ratkje~~Høvikodden Art Centre, Oslo
2002  Medea Reemake by Rolf Alme~~Hildesheim City Theatre, Germany
2001  Jean de France by Holberg~~Aalborg Theatre, Denmark
1999  Laboratory/Medea/Mother of Wars by Rolf Alme~~Norwegian Theatre Academy
1998  Gelsomina by Pierrette Dupoyet~~Haugesund International Film Festival, Norway
1997  Hoffmann’s Fairy Tails opera by Offenbach~~Göteborg Opera, Sweden
1997  The Peace by Aristophanes~~The Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark + Nuuk, Greenland
1997  Big and Small by Botho Strauss~~The Theatre of the Catholic University of Lima, Peru
1996  An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen~~Theatre Ibsen, Norway
1996  Mein Kampf by Tabori~~Eta Hoffmann Theatre, Germany
1995  Back and Forth by Ödön von Horvath~~Schlosstheater Celle, Germany
1995  Private Lives by Noel Coward~~Theatre Mungo Park, Copenhagen, Denmark
1994  Tartuffe by Molière~~Rogaland Theatre, Norway
1994  The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen~~Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway
1993  A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare~~Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway
1993  The School of Wives by Molière~~Oslo New Theatre, Norway
1993  Morning and Evening by Astrid Saalbach~~Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway
1993  A Devilish Woman by Holberg~~Nordland Theatre, Norway
1993  The last Days of Don Juan by Tirso de Molina~~Rogaland Theatre
1993  Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare~~The National Theatre, Bergen, Norway
1993  Other People’s Money by jerry Sterner~~Rogaland Theatre
1992 Love’s Labor’s Lost by Shakespeare~~The National Theatre, Bergen
1992 The Hamlet Machine by Heiner Müller~~The National Theatre, Bergen
1992 Playboy of the Western World by John Synge~~Rogaland Theatre
1992 Betrayal by Herold Pinter~~Rogaland Theatre
1992 The Restless by Ludvig Holberg~~Trøndelag Theatre, Trondheim, Norway
1992 Elin Helga Gudridur by Thórunn Sigurdardóttir~~The National Theatre, Reykjavik, Iceland
1991 The Battle of Hafrsfjord by Åse Marie Nesse~~Rogaland Theatre
1991 Frozen Patterns ballet by Denis de Visscher~~Palais de Beaux-Arts, Brussels
1991  The Awakening by Julian Garner~~Rogaland Theatre
1991  The Foregner by Larry Shue~~Hålogaland Theatre, Tromsø, Norway
1990  Black Coffee by Rainer Werner Fassbinder~~Trøndelag Theatre
1990  Abiriel’s Lion by Erling Kittelsen~~The National Theatre, Oslo
1990  Don Juan by Molière~~The National Theatre, Oslo
1990  Nordal in our Hearts by Gunnar Staalesen~~The National Theatre, Bergen
1990  The Park by Botho Strauss~~The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo
1989 Jesus Christ Superstar by Lloyd-Webber, Rice~~The Norwegian Theatre
1989 Platanov by Anton Chekhov~~The National Theatre, Oslo
1989 Cabaret by Ole Paus~~Vika Theatre, Oslo
1989 Figaro’s Wedding by Mozart~~The Norwegian State Opera School, Oslo
1987-89;;Head of Scenography, Rogaland Theatre:
In the Land of Flowers by Siri Senje
Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
Bugsy Malone by Allan Parker
The Indian Wants the Bronx by Israel Horowitz
Jaques Brel cabaret
Lover for 40 Years musical program
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare
The Hakkebakke-Forest by Torbjørn Egner
The Salamander War by Pavel Kohout
Ritter, Dene, Voss by Thomas Bernhard
Caligari-an Opera of Horror in Latin by de Visscher~~Halle de Scharbeek, Brussels
Homage to Loneliness Film about Fartein Valen
Breath short film
Duel ballet by de Vissher~~The National Theatre, Bergen
1986-87  Head of Scenography, The National Theatre, Bergen:
  The Life with Marilyn by Knut Faldbakken
  Poems for all its Worth by Arild Dahl
  The Magic Chalk by Zinken Hopp
  The Bird Daddy by Steffan Götestam~~Oslo New Theatre
  It Makes no Difference by Manfred Karge~~Black Box Theatre, Oslo