Ritter, Dene, Voss – process

Working with “RITTER DENE VOSS”

Some dramatic texts are very inspiring when it comes to producing metaphorical images. In this play by Thomas Bernhard the author merciless exposes a claustrophobic family: Two sisters live together in their late parents’ bourgeois apartment in Vienna. They hate each other not at least because they know that they both are in love with their own brother, – a philosopher that lives in a mental hospital. In the play the sisters invite the insane brother home for a Sunday dinner that turns into a psychic nightmare.
There are many visual options when it comes to expressing this incestuous dinner party. One doesn’t have to express anything of course. It all depends on the aesthetics and the form of the theatre performance one is going to produce. In my images one can imagine many different theatre forms, – from the most expressionistic to symbolic realism.